Issue 3-4 - Special Issue: Pathways to Improved Canola Productivity
VOL. 67 · NO. 3–4 | May 2016

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John A. Kirkegaard, Julianne M. Lilley, Malcolm J. Morrison
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), (6 May 2016)
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M. J. Morrison, K. N. Harker, R. E. Blackshaw, C. J. Holzapfel, J. T. O'Donovan
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 245-252, (6 May 2016)
W. L. Pan, F. L. Young, T. M. Maaz, D. R. Huggins
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 253-265, (6 May 2016)
Phillip A. Salisbury, Wallace A. Cowling, Trent D. Potter
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 266-272, (21 April 2016)
A. P. Van De Wouw, S. J. Marcroft, B. J. Howlett
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 273-283, (1 March 2016)
KEYWORDS: Brassica napus, avirulence, resistance
Matthew N. Nelson, Julianne M. Lilley, Chris Helliwell, Candy M. Taylor, Kadambot H. M. Siddique, Sheng Chen, Harsh Raman, Jacqueline Batley, Wallace A. Cowling
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 284-297, (29 March 2016)
KEYWORDS: Arabidopsis, modelling phenology, next generation sequencing, photoperiod, thermal time to flowering, vernalisation
Rosy Raman, Simon Diffey, Jason Carling, Ray B. Cowley, Andrzej Kilian, David J. Luckett, Harsh Raman
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 298-307, (21 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: candidate genes, canola QTL, flowering time, grain yield, rapeseed
Trent Potter, Wayne Burton, Jan Edwards, Neil Wratten, Rod Mailer, Phil Salisbury, Amanda Pearce
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 308-316, (6 May 2016)
KEYWORDS: historical cultivars
Malcolm J. Morrison, Allison Gutknecht, John Chan, S. Shea Miller
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 317-322, (29 March 2016)
Heping Zhang, Jens D. Berger, Mark Seymour, Rohan Brill, Chris Herrmann, Richard Quinlan, Garren Knell
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 323-331, (21 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: gross margin
M. J. Robertson, J. M. Lilley
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 332-344, (29 March 2016)
KEYWORDS: cultivar, model, oil, mustard, phenology, validation
Ulf Böttcher, Enrico Rampin, Karla Hartmann, Federica Zanetti, Francis Flenet, Muriel Morison, Henning Kage
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 345-358, (21 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: simulation model
Penny Riffkin, Brendan Christy, Garry O'Leary, Debra Partington
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 359-368, (6 May 2016)
KEYWORDS: post-flowering, pre-flowering, rapeseed, remobilisation, translocation
Heping Zhang, Sam Flottmann
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 369-380, (21 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: biomass, hybrid canola, harvest index, open-pollinated canola, partitioning
J. A. Kirkegaard, J. M. Lilley, R. D. Brill, S. J. Sprague, N. A. Fettell, G. C. Pengilley
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 381-396, (21 March 2016)
KEYWORDS: frost, heat, phenology, simulation, water stress, water use efficiency
R. J. French, M. Seymour, R. S. Malik
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 397-408, (6 May 2016)
R. D. Brill, M. L. Jenkins, M. J. Gardner, J. M. Lilley, B. A. Orchard
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 409-418, (6 May 2016)
KEYWORDS: cultivar type, farmer-retained seed, hybrid, moisture-seeking, open-pollinated, sowing depth
R. M. Norton
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 419-438, (12 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: canola yield, enhanced efficiency fertilisers, nitrogen application, nitrogen budget, nitrogen use efficiency, oil concentration
Hannes Hegewald, Barbara Koblenz, Monika Wensch-Dorendorf, Olaf Christen
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 439-449, (23 April 2016)
KEYWORDS: canola, cropping system, oilseed brassicas, oilseed rape, yield components
Mark Seymour, Sally Sprigg, Bob French, Jackie Bucat, Raj Malik, Martin Harries
Crop and Pasture Science 67 (3–4), 450-466, (6 May 2016)
KEYWORDS: canola, hybrid, nitrogen, open pollinated, timing, triazine tolerant, RoundupReady
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