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1 June 2006 Anuran Inventory in Sabah–Past and Future
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About 155 named species/subspecies of anurans, together with several caecilian species, reported from Borneo are considered to be valid, and at least 114 of these have been recorded from the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The general history of discovery of anuran fauna of Sabah from its beginning until now is outlined and the future of amphibian inventory in this state is discussed. From the curve of accumulated number of taxa, however, the number is expected to further increase and inventory will not be completed in the near future. In the past, accumulation of comparable materials led to the finding of several cryptic species. More recently, acoustic information greatly contributed to increment of records, and learning frog voices will prove a powerful tool to document local distribution as well as recognition of additional cryptic species. Another powerful method expected to contribute to compiling a more complete inventory is the biochemical method, such as analysis of mt DNA sequences. Applying these methods, a more intensive anuran inventory of Sabah should be made before the habitats of these animals are lost.

MASAFUMI MATSUI "Anuran Inventory in Sabah–Past and Future," Current Herpetology 25(1), 1-14, (1 June 2006).[1:AIISAF]2.0.CO;2
Accepted: 1 June 2006; Published: 1 June 2006

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