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1 December 2004 Conservation of the Atlantic Forest in São Paulo – A Rolex Award for Laury Cullen Jr.

Laury Cullen Jr., Research Coordinator at IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas, based in Nazaré Paulista, São Paulo, is a recipient of The Rolex Awards for Enterprise, promoted by Rolex S.A. The award was announced on 29 September 2004, in Paris. Key behind this award was his project “Transforming Farmers into Conservationists to Preserve the Atlantic Forest and its Fauna.” Over the last nine years, Laury Cullen Jr. has focused on protecting the forest fragments remaining in the west of the state of São Paulo, working with small farmers and landowners, and demonstrating techniques and systems in agroforestry which promote the recovery of degraded soils besides the preservation and recovery of the forest fragments and their fauna. He is currently planning to increase the number and extent of forest corridors in the region, while simultaneously helping to promote the economic well-being of at least 400 farmers. IPÊ was founded in 1992 specifically for the conservation of the black lion tamarin, Leontopithecus chrysopygus, one of the many species which will benefit directly from the forest restoration resulting from Cullen Jr.'s project. He is currently researching for his doctoral thesis at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE) of the University of Kent, UK. The deadline for registration for ‘The Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2006’ is 31 May 2005. Websites: <>, <>.

"Conservation of the Atlantic Forest in São Paulo – A Rolex Award for Laury Cullen Jr.," Edentata 2004(6), 62, (1 December 2004).
Published: 1 December 2004

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