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3 August 2023 Effect of dose and trap type on captures of striped and spotted cucumber beetles using synthetic vittatalactone
Kayla Pasteur, Ariela I. Haber, Donald C. Weber
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Striped cucumber beetle, Acalymma vittatum (F.) and spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber) are key pests of cucurbits. Pesticide applications directed against cucumber beetles can jeopardize bee pollination which is essential to crop yield. Alternative selective tactics, including behavioral control for managing cucumber beetles, are needed in order to improve pest management. The striped cucumber beetle pheromone vittatalactone is attractive to both male and female adults, and also to spotted cucumber beetles. We tested the response of both species to different doses of synthetic vittatalactone, and to different trap types, in field trapping experiments in Maryland. Both species showed strong dose–response in May–June and October 2020. Among 12 trap types tested during a 2-wk experiment in June, using 1 mg mixed vittatalactone, sticky panel traps caught the most of each species, with vittatalactone-baited traps exceeding unbaited traps by >8 fold for striped and >2 fold for spotted, and with significant response to yellow versus clear color absent in striped, but strong in spotted. Among nonsticky traps, those with yellow or yellow-green exceeded those without these colors for both beetle species, and a ground-placed boll weevil trap captured the most striped cucumber beetles. Bucket-style traps caught excessive nontarget bumblebees (Bombus spp.) if yellow, and a few beetles, if all green. Results allow field monitoring with a choice of sticky or nonsticky traps and suggested lure loading of 1 mg mixed vittatalactone, containing ∼90 µg active isomer. These findings contribute to the development of multispecies behavioral monitoring and control as a component of cucurbit IPM.

Kayla Pasteur, Ariela I. Haber, and Donald C. Weber "Effect of dose and trap type on captures of striped and spotted cucumber beetles using synthetic vittatalactone," Environmental Entomology 52(5), 795-801, (3 August 2023).
Received: 16 March 2023; Accepted: 19 July 2023; Published: 3 August 2023

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chemical ecology
pheromone trap
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