1 September 2007 Lichens of the Boreal Forests of Labrador, Canada: A Checklist
Tony R. Walker
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A total of 51 lichens are reported for the boreal forest of Labrador, Canada. Alectoria sarmentosa, Bryoria furcellata, Plastimatia glauca, Ramalina dilacerata, Usnea filipendula and Vulpicida pinastri appear to be new to the lichen checklist for Newfoundland and Labrador (2007) and were found growing on stands of Black spruce (Picea mariana) near Winnikapau Lake in the Churchill River Basin, Labrador, north-eastern Canada (53°15.578' N, 62°36.886' W). Small cushions of Cladonia labradorica were also found near Winnikapau Lake on exposed glacio-fluvial sand blow-outs. This study makes further steps towards updating the inventory of lichen communities in the boreal forests along the Churchill River, Labrador.

Tony R. Walker "Lichens of the Boreal Forests of Labrador, Canada: A Checklist," Evansia 24(3), 85-90, (1 September 2007). https://doi.org/10.1639/0747-9859-24.3.85
Published: 1 September 2007
boreal forest
Lichen check list
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