1 May 2015 Bryophytes and Lichens from Malheur National Forest, Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon
Robert J. Smith, Joseph H. Rausch
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We present a collections-based checklist for bryophyte and lichen species known or expected to occur within the boundaries of Malheur National Forest, an administrative unit spanning several climatic zones and vegetation types in the semi-arid Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. A synthesis of survey, literature and herbarium records yielded 2 hornwort species, 51 liverworts, 219 mosses and 276 lichens. Notable bryophytes included: Anoectangium aestivum, Bruchia bolanderi, Bryum calobryoides, Calliergonella lindbergii, Racomitrium depressum, Fontinalis hypnoides, Preissia quadrata and Schistidium cinclidodonteum. Notable lichens included: Lecanora pringlei, Peccania arizonica, Placidiopsis cinerascens, Schaereria dolodes and 6 calicioid lichens. We also provide conservation notes and conclude with a brief synopsis of collecting history in the region.

Robert J. Smith and Joseph H. Rausch "Bryophytes and Lichens from Malheur National Forest, Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon," Evansia 32(2), 78-96, (1 May 2015). https://doi.org/10.1639/079.032.0201
Published: 1 May 2015
Biotic soil crusts
Blue Mountains ecoregion
Columbia river basin
Natural resource management
semi-arid shrub steppe
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