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1 September 2016 An Updated List of Bryophytes from Fulton County, Pennsylvania
Donald D. Davis, Bruce Allen
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A recent checklist of Pennsylvania mosses credits the Commonwealth with 443 moss taxa. In that list Fulton County has 31 mosses attributed to it. The most recent account of the liverworts and hornworts of Pennsylvania listed 147 liverwort and hornwort taxa from the Commonwealth, but only 12 liverworts from Fulton County. As a result of recent fieldwork, an additional 46 moss taxa and three liverwort species have been found in the county. Bryophytes of interest include Dicranodontium denudatum, Ephemerum crassinervium, Fissidens subbasilaris, Fontinalis sphagnifolia, Hygroambylstegium tenax var. spinifolium, Isopterygiopsis muelleriana, Pellia neesiana, Pohlia annotina, Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris, Sematophyllum demissum, S. marylandicum, Sphagnum lescurii, and Syntrichia papillosa. In addition, six mosses from Fulton County previously known only from literature reports were collected, identifications verified, and collections vouchered. Voucher specimens for bryophytes reported here are deposited in MO. Included in this study are 2 moss and 2 liverworts listed for Fulton County on the CNABH website. Currently, 79 moss and 17 hepatic taxa have been reported from Fulton County.

Donald D. Davis and Bruce Allen "An Updated List of Bryophytes from Fulton County, Pennsylvania," Evansia 33(3), 145-152, (1 September 2016).
Published: 1 September 2016
Fulton County
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