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1 December 2011 The Present Status of Brassicaceae Taxa Described by Rodulfo and Federico Philippi
Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz, Mélica Muñoz-Schick, Vanezza Morales
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The current taxonomic status of all 140 Brassicaceae taxa (three genera, two varieties, and 135 species) described by Rodulfo A. Philippi are determined. One of his three genera (Onuris) is recognized, and Agallis and Heterocarpus were previously reduced to synonymy of Tropidocarpum and Cardamine, respectively. Of his 135 species, only 43 (or 31.9%) are currently accepted. Of these, 18 species remained in the genera to which they were originally assigned, 22 were transferred to other genera, and three received new names because they were later homonyms. The two Philippi varieties are no longer recognized. Fifty-one species (Cardamine andicola, C. andina, C. caespitosa, C. calbucana, C. flavescens, C. litoralis, C. macrostachya, C. marginata, C. micropetala, C. monticosa, C. ovata, C. palenae, C. petiolulata, C. reniformis, C. stricta, C. tridens, C. valdiviana, Draba andina, D. araucana, D. colchaguensis, D. davilae, D. depilis, D. intricatissima, D. leyboldii, D. patagonica, D. pusilla, D. rosulata, D. saffordii, Hexaptera pusilla, H. tridens, H. violacea, H. virens, Mathewsia auriculata, Menonvillea gayi, M. orbiculata, M. parviflora, M. parvula, Nasturtium coxii, N. siifolium, N. stenophyllum, Onuris graminifolia, Sisymbrium brachycarpum, S. consanguineum, S. depressum, S. dianthoides, S. floridum, S. hispidum, S. minutiflorum, S. polyphyllum, S. rubescens, and S. tenuissimum) are lectotypified. Furthermore, 23 species names (Cardamine andicola, C. ciliata, C. gongylodes, C. granulata, C. litoralis, C. magellanica, C. ovata, C. palenae, C. soehrensii, C. stricta, C. triphylla, Diplotaxis vernalis, Draba depilis, Nasturtium hastatum, N. patens, N. siifolium, Sisymbrium elegantulum, S. floridum, S. glaucescens, S. tenuissimum, S. umbelliferum, Thlaspi exile, and Turritis chilensis) are synonymized herein for the first time. Three of the four species described by his son Federico Philippi are currently recognized and listed below.

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Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz, Mélica Muñoz-Schick, and Vanezza Morales "The Present Status of Brassicaceae Taxa Described by Rodulfo and Federico Philippi," Harvard Papers in Botany 16(2), 279-291, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011

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Rodulfo Philippi
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