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1 December 2008 Breeding Habitat and Microhabitat Choices by Male and Female Frogs: Are There Differences Between Sexes and Seasons?
Paula C. Eterovick, Arquimedes D. M. Ferreira
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Breeding success of frogs depends, among other factors, on male and female habitat choices, which may be based in part on environmental features that aid offspring survivorship and development. Frogs can respond to habitat features in varied scales, including types of bodies of water and microhabitats within them, and the correspondence between male and female choices may contribute to a successful reproduction. We compared habitat and microhabitat choices by males and females of a Scinax species from the catharinae clade, focusing on microhabitat selection by both sexes, including variation between dry and wet seasons. We also compared the distribution of males and females across a stream size gradient and related their abundance with numbers of tadpoles in each stream to assess successful breeding. We found males and females to be similar in microhabitat preferences, but their abundances did not correlate across streams. Male abundance, however, correlated with number of tadpoles, indicating that number of females may have been underestimated due to their shorter permanence at breeding sites or lower detection probability. Competition and predation did not seem to influence distribution of Scinax gr. catharinae among streams. Male and female Scinax gr. catharinae seem to show highly coordinated responses when selecting breeding habitats and microhabitats, apparently resulting in high breeding success at the study site.

Paula C. Eterovick and Arquimedes D. M. Ferreira "Breeding Habitat and Microhabitat Choices by Male and Female Frogs: Are There Differences Between Sexes and Seasons?," Herpetologica 64(4), 397-405, (1 December 2008).
Accepted: 1 November 2008; Published: 1 December 2008

Male/female comparison
Microhabitat use
Scinax gr. catharinae
seasonal patterns
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