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1 September 2013 Two New Species of Frogs Related to Barygenys exsul (Microhylidae) from New Guinea
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Barygenys exsul was described from only two specimens—one from Rossel Island and one from Sudest Island. I redescribe the species based on an additional 12 recently collected specimens from the type locality, and I provide the first information on that species' advertisement call. I then diagnose and describe two closely related new species found in geographic proximity to B. exsul. Both of these populations have been known for the past few decades but each had been erroneously assigned to B. exsul. The new species differ from B. exsul on the basis of a series of morphological, color-pattern, and call features. Each is narrowly endemic: B. exsul is limited to two islands in the Louisiade Archipelago, one of the new species is limited to nearby Woodlark Island, and the other is known from a limited area on southeastern-most mainland New Guinea. The Woodlark species exhibits a four-fold range of body sizes among adult males, which is unusually large among Papuan frogs.

Fred Kraus "Two New Species of Frogs Related to Barygenys exsul (Microhylidae) from New Guinea," Herpetologica 69(3), 314-328, (1 September 2013).
Accepted: 1 May 2013; Published: 1 September 2013

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