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1 July 2014 Opegrapha bryoriae sp. nov. and Other Lichenicolous Fungi from Asian Russia
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Zhurbenko, M. P. & Vershinina, S. E. 2014. Opegrapha bryoriae sp. nov. and other lichenicolous fungi from Asian Russia. — Herzogia 27: 93–109.

Thirty three species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from Asian Russia. Opegrapha bryoriae sp. nov. (on Bryoria capillaris) is introduced. Presumably new species of Cercidospora (on Cladonia pyxidata), Endococcus (on Evernia esorediosa), Lichenopeltella (on Nephroma arcticum) and Xenonectriella (on Nephroma helveticum) are informally described, illustrated and discussed. Emended descriptions and illustrations of poorly known species Endococcus tricolorans, Phaeospora arctica and Polycoccum superficiale are provided. Lichenopeltella cetrariicola, L. lobariae and Pseudoseptoria usneae are reported new to Asia and Russia; Endococcus tricolorans and Polycoccum superficiale are new to Asia; Clypeococcum hypocenomycis and Cornutispora lichenicola are new to Asian Russia. Cetraria is reported as new host genus for Phaeospora arctica, Nephroma for Lichenopeltella lobariae, Nephromopsis for Endococcus tricolorans and Lichenostigma maureri; Peltigera aphthosa is reported as new host species for Polycoccum superficiale.

Mikhail P. Zhurbenko and Svetlana E. Vershinina "Opegrapha bryoriae sp. nov. and Other Lichenicolous Fungi from Asian Russia," Herzogia 27(1), 93-109, (1 July 2014).
Accepted: 1 March 2014; Published: 1 July 2014

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