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1 December 2014 Lichenicolous Fungi from Northwest Caucasus, Russia
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Zhurbenko, M. P. & Kobzeva, A. A. 2014. Lichenicolous fungi from Northwest Caucasus, Russia. — Herzogia 27: 377–396.

One hundred species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from Northwest Caucasus; 64 of them are new to the Caucasus. Hainesia aeruginascens, H. brevicladoniae, Minutoexcipula calatayudii, Neobarya peltigerae, Opegrapha anomea, O. rotunda, Polycoccum arnoldii, P. kaernefeltii, Pronectria echinulata and P. santessonii are newly reported for Asia and Russia. Abrothallus cetrariae, Pyrenochaeta xanthoriae, Taeniolella delicata, Trichonectria anisospora and Zwackhiomyces echinulatus are new to Asia, but not Russia. Cercidospora melanophthalmae, Lichenostigma rupicolae, Marchandiobasidium aurantiacum and Stigmidium xanthoparmeliarum are new to Russia, but not Asia. Endococcus incrassatus and Xanthoriicola physciae are new to Asian Russia. Lichenochora rinodinae is first reported from outside the Arctic. Finds of specimens presumably belonging to the insufficiently known species Merismatium cladoniicola, Phacopsis usneae and Sphaerellothecium gowardii are discussed. Dactylospora deminuta is newly reported on Gyalecta foveolaris and Fuscopannaria praetermissa, Neobarya peltigerae on Peltigera polydactylon and Taeniolella delicata on Lecanora intumescens. Nephroma is a new host genus for Paranectria oropensis and Caloplaca for Polycoccum kaernefeltii.

Mikhail P. Zhurbenko and Anastasiya A. Kobzeva "Lichenicolous Fungi from Northwest Caucasus, Russia," Herzogia 27(2), 377-396, (1 December 2014).
Accepted: 1 October 2014; Published: 1 December 2014

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