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1 November 2015 Verbreitung, Gefährdung und Schutz von Grimmia plagiopodia in Sachsen-Anhalt
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Müller, F. 2015. Distribution, threat and conservation of Grimmia plagiopodia in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). — Herzogia 28: 484–495.

Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) represents an important distribution area for the moss Grimmia plagiopodia, a species rare in Central Europe and Germany. Search for historic and recent distribution data reveal a strong decline in the number of records as well as populations sizes in this area. The few recent records are located in the middle Saale valley and in the lower Unstrut valley; in the northern Harz foreland the species seems to be extinct. The species colonizes sandstone blocks and smaller sandstone rocks within semi-arid grasslands and drystone walls of sandstone at sun exposed sites. Within semi-arid grasslands, the chances for a permanent preservation are good if stable measurements of habitat management, e.g. sheep and goat grazing, removal of woody regrowth, are undertaken. Conservation of this species on stone walls is more difficult since all of the corresponding populations are situated on private land in urban areas.

Frank Müller "Verbreitung, Gefährdung und Schutz von Grimmia plagiopodia in Sachsen-Anhalt," Herzogia 28(2), 484-495, (1 November 2015).
Accepted: 1 September 2015; Published: 1 November 2015

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