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1 October 2018 Additions and Corrections to the Lichen Biota of the Czech Republic
Jiří Malíček, Zdeněk Palice, Jan Vondrák
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Malíček* J., Palice Z. & Vondrák J. 2018: Additions and corrections to the lichen biota of the Czech Republic. – Herzogia 31: 453–475.

This contribution presents new records of lichenized and “lichen-allied” fungi for the Czech Republic and a list of all recently published species missing in the last national checklist (Liška & Palice 2010). Lecanora tephraea is supposed to be synonymous with L. cenisia and the lectotype is designated here. Polyblastia brunnensis is synonymized with Thelidium zwackhii. Caloplaca fiumana, lectotypified here, was found to be an older name of the recently described taxon Caloplaca substerilis subsp. orbicularis. Candelariella subdeflexa is replaced by C. blastidiata in the national checklist; Lecanora reagens is excluded from the Czech lichen biota. Twenty nine species are published as new to the Czech Republic: Absconditella rubra, Alyxoria ochrocheila, Aspicilia verrucigera, Blastenia hungarica, Carbonicola anthracophila, Chaenothecopsis montana, C. savonica, Epigloea pleiospora, E. urosperma, Gyalecta ophiospora, Lecanora epibryon, L. flavoleprosa, L. silvae-nigrae, L. stenotropa, Leptorhaphis maggiana, Micarea tomentosa, Myriolecis perpruinosa, Ochrolechia mahluensis, Parmelia serrana, Peltigera ponojensis, Pertusaria borealis, Placynthium caesium, Protoblastenia lilacina, Ramalina europaea, Rinodina trevisanii, Strigula glabra, Verrucaria subcincta, Xanthomendoza huculica and Xylographa soralifera. Including the cited taxa, the lichen biota of the Czech Republic currently comprises 1691 taxa.

Jiří Malíček, Zdeněk Palice, and Jan Vondrák "Additions and Corrections to the Lichen Biota of the Czech Republic," Herzogia 31(p1), 453-475, (1 October 2018).
Accepted: 9 April 2018; Published: 1 October 2018
boreal lichens
lichen-forming fungi
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