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1 October 2018 Formal Instatement of Allographa (Graphidaceae): How to Deal with a Hyperdiverse Genus Complex with Cryptic Differentiation and Paucity of Molecular Data

Lücking R. & Kalb K. 2018: Formal instatement of Allographa (Graphidaceae): how to deal with a hyperdiverse genus complex with cryptic differentiation and paucity of molecular data. – Herzogia 31: 535–561.

Previous molecular phylogenetic analysis showed that the genus Graphis sensu Staiger (Ascomycota: Ostropales: Graphidaceae) represents two separate, only distantly related lineages. Graphis s.str. comprises the species of the G. scripta and G. subserpentina groups (‘Eugraphis’), as well as part of the G. striatula group. For the segregate genus, the name Allographa is available, and this genus includes the G. acharii, G. dussii, G. marginata, G. nuda, and G. symplecta groups, plus part of the G. striatula group. Allographa is closer to the core Graphidaceae (Diorygma, Glyphis, Pallidogramme, Phaeographis, Platygramme, Platythecium, Sarcographa, Thalloloma, Thecaria), whereas Graphis s.str. is sister to this entire clade and takes a more isolated position on a very long branch. A previously published study of 313 taxa, using morphology-based phylogenetic binning, supported the placement of 103 species of Graphis in Allographa. This analysis is here emended to include 453 taxa currently placed in Graphis and Hemithecium, with the result that based on molecular and binning data, 182 species are to be placed in Allographa and 271 to be retained or placed in Graphis. Two species, namely Allographa lutea and A. hypostictica, had already been described in that genus, leaving 180 additional combinations, 28 of which are being proposed in a parallel paper; the remaining new combinations (plus one replacement name) in Allographa and Graphis are proposed here. Two names are validated, namely Allographa anguilliradians Lücking ex Lücking species nova and Allographa uruguayensis Lücking ex Lücking species nova. Two new synonyms are established: Graphis ferrugineodisca Seavey & J.Seavey [= Glyphis atrofusca (Müll.Arg.) Lücking, synonymum novum], and G. mikuraensis Y.Ohmura & M.Nakan. [= Graphis srilankensis Weerakoon, Wijey. & Lumbsch, synonymum novum].

"Formal Instatement of Allographa (Graphidaceae): How to Deal with a Hyperdiverse Genus Complex with Cryptic Differentiation and Paucity of Molecular Data," Herzogia 31(p1), 535-561, (1 October 2018).
Accepted: 8 May 2018; Published: 1 October 2018

morphological binning
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