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22 December 2021 A catalogue of the hornworts and liverworts of Croatia
Antun Alegro, Vedran Šegota, Anja Rimac
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Alegro, A., Šegota, V. & Rimac, A. 2021. A catalogue of the hornworts and liverworts of Croatia. – Herzogia 34: 227–254.

The amount of information on the hornwort and liverwort flora of Croatia has increased in the last decade due to new field records and detailed literature reviews. Based on these data, an updated list of the hornwort and liverwort taxa present in Croatia has been compiled and is presented here. Considering recent taxonomic and nomenclatural changes, five hornwort species, 156 liverwort species and seven infraspecific taxa are reported for the country. Additionally, 16 taxa are rejected with explanatory annotations. For each taxon, all the publications in which it is cited are listed in chronological order, along with the nomenclature originally used.

Antun Alegro, Vedran Šegota, and Anja Rimac "A catalogue of the hornworts and liverworts of Croatia," Herzogia 34(2), 227-254, (22 December 2021).
Accepted: 27 July 2021; Published: 22 December 2021
SE Europe
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