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22 December 2021 Flavoparmelia soredians new to Poland
Magdalena Oset, Volker Otte
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Oset, M. & Otte, V.: Flavoparmelia soredians new to Poland – Herzogia 34: 524 –527.

A total of nearly 700 Flavoparmelia specimens from Poland were checked, complemented by recent field observations. Among them, nine specimens of F. soredians were revealed. Most of them were found in the last few years, but the oldest collections date back to the year 1964. These observations indicate a recent spread which may represent the effect of long-term climate change, with a considerable delay in the colonisation process due to persistent air pollution.

Magdalena Oset and Volker Otte "Flavoparmelia soredians new to Poland," Herzogia 34(2), 524-527, (22 December 2021).
Accepted: 13 October 2021; Published: 22 December 2021
air pollution dynamics
climate change
distribution dynamics
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