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13 August 2021 Redescription of Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker, with Description of Two New Species of Fairy Wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae: Cirrhilabrus)
Yi-Kai Tea, Gerald R. Allen, Muhammad Dailami
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The labrid fish Cirrhilabrus solorensis was first described in 1853 by Bleeker, based on specimens collected from the Indonesian island of Solor, off the eastern tip of Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Although sufficient at the time, Bleeker's description of the species was brief, resulting in subsequent taxonomic confusion concerning the true identity of this taxon. Presently, the name has been applied to several fishes with notable differences in coloration, particularly in the terminal males. On the basis of additional non-type material and photographic examination of Bleeker's holotype, we redescribe Cirrhilabrus solorensis and resolve the long-standing contention regarding its taxonomic identity. In doing so, we describe two species as new, Cirrhilabrus aquamarinus, new species, on the basis of the holotype and eight paratypes from Sulawesi and the surrounding islands of Banggai and Wakatobi, Indonesia, and Cirrhilabrus chaliasi, new species, described on the basis of the holotype and nine paratypes from Bali, Indonesia. These three species are closely related and, together with C. aurantidorsalis, C. cyanopleura, C. luteovittatus, C. randalli, and C. ryukyuensis, form a complex of species that differ from congeners in having the following combination of characters: caudal fin in males weakly rhomboidal; median fins hyaline with sinuous filigree in both sexes; body with scales edged in inky blue to indigo, their margins often patterned in an argyle motif; and osseus elements that preserve blue to blue-green in alcohol. We briefly discuss the phylogenetic relationships of species in this complex based on results of a companion study detailed elsewhere.

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Yi-Kai Tea, Gerald R. Allen, and Muhammad Dailami "Redescription of Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker, with Description of Two New Species of Fairy Wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae: Cirrhilabrus)," Ichthyology & Herpetology 109(3), 669-684, (13 August 2021).
Received: 11 February 2021; Accepted: 4 May 2021; Published: 13 August 2021

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