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16 October 2019 Blockchain as a Solution to the Problem of Illegal Timber Trade between Russia and China: SWOT Analysis
A. Vilkov, G. Tian
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Prolific illegal timber trade between Russia and China cannot be stemmed by present certification schemes and Russian governmental strategies. Blockchain could present a new technological opportunity, simultaneously addressing illegal logging, regulating timber trade and meeting the needs of environmentally-sensitive markets. SWOT analysis of blockchain applicability in Russian-Chinese timber trade is presented. Decentralisation based on smart contracts could ensure timber supply chain transparency through each log cryptographic encryption. However, it is considered complicated as cryptocurrency (on which trade depends) is beyond the legislative sphere of both countries and energy demands are enormous. Beyond cryptocurrency prohibition, huge businesses and governments cannot accept blockchain for international trade because of transparency and cost risks. Digitalisation through blockchain implementation could provide a highly transparent, non-editable system to handle decentralised big data characteristic of the forestry economy, realise Industry 4.0 and develop the “China-Mongolia-Russia” economic corridor. Fundamentally, a workable Russian-Chinese Government-Science-Business model must be cultivated for effective blockchain implementation.

A. Vilkov and G. Tian "Blockchain as a Solution to the Problem of Illegal Timber Trade between Russia and China: SWOT Analysis," International Forestry Review 21(3), 385-400, (16 October 2019).
Published: 16 October 2019

China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor
illegal logging
Industry 4.0
international trade
supply chain
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