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21 March 2024 Enigmatic and extravagant genitalia in the spider genus Mastigusa (Araneae, Cybaeidae) – a taxonomic revision
Castellucci Filippo, Luchetti Andrea, Scharff Nikolaj
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Mastigusa is a genus of small palearctic spiders that has recently been moved to the family Cybaeidae after the first inclusion of the genus in a phylogenetic matrix. Three species are currently recognised: M. arietina, M. lucifuga and M. macrophthalma. The status and delimitation, though, has always been problematic due to inconsistency in the characters used to discriminate between these, leading to great confusion in identity and distribution. We present a detailed morphological redescription of the genus and a taxonomic revision of the included species by the combined use of morphological data and molecular species-delimitation techniques based on the mitochondrial COI gene. The status of the three currently described species has been reevaluated and Mastigusa diversa was revalidated based on material from the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and the United Kingdom. The distribution of Mastigusa species is updated based on novel taxonomic considerations, and comments on the natural history and ecological differences observed in the species are provided.

Castellucci Filippo, Luchetti Andrea, and Scharff Nikolaj "Enigmatic and extravagant genitalia in the spider genus Mastigusa (Araneae, Cybaeidae) – a taxonomic revision," Invertebrate Systematics 38(3), (21 March 2024).
Received: 2 September 2023; Accepted: 21 February 2024; Published: 21 March 2024
DNA barcoding
Integrative taxonomy
species delimitation
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