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1 March 2011 Attempted Semen Collection Using the Massage Technique in Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots (Amazona aestiva aestiva)
Angelique DellaVolpe, Volker Schmidt, Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns
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The purpose of this study was to establish a technique for collecting semen from blue-fronted Amazon parrots (Amazona aestiva aestiva) and to evaluate the samples that were collected. The massage method is the most common technique used to collect semen in birds and has been proven successful in several psittacine species; however, collection attempts in larger parrots have been unsatisfactory. Six blue-fronted Amazon parrot males, 3 paired with hens and 3 unpaired, were used in this study. The semen collection technique was revised to allow collection from individual birds by a single person. Semen collection was attempted from the 6 parrots on 52–56 occasions, which totaled 330 single attempts. Nineteen ejaculates were collected, and each bird produced at least 1 ejaculate that contained spermatozoa. Large ranges of sample volume (1–15.4 µL), sperm quality (motility  =  2%–60%; live ∶ dead ratio  =  2 ∶ 198 to 185 ∶ 15), sperm concentration (0.79–3.3 × 106 sperm/mL), and contamination rate (0%–100%) were observed. Measured parameters did not appear to be significantly impacted by birds being paired or kept singly. Because of the relatively short acclimation period, the birds appeared to be sexually inactive for the majority of the study. Further research using sexually active birds will be necessary to determine standard spermatological parameters and verify the success of the methodology used here.

Angelique DellaVolpe, Volker Schmidt, and Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns "Attempted Semen Collection Using the Massage Technique in Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots (Amazona aestiva aestiva)," Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 25(1), 1-7, (1 March 2011).
Published: 1 March 2011

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