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9 September 2019 Percloacal Ovocentesis in the Treatment of Avian Egg Binding: Review of 20 Cases
Tariq Abou-Zahr, Daniel Calvo Carrasco, Sara Louise Jones, Thomas Anthony George Dutton
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Egg binding is one of the most commonly diagnosed reproductive disorders in avian medicine. Often, egg binding is caused by multiple factors, including inappropriate diet and husbandry, reproductive tract pathology, and/or systemic disease. Treatment of egg binding can include medical management or egg removal either percloacal or through surgical means. Percloacal ovocentesis is a commonly described technique in avian practice. The aim of this study was to consider the signalment, success of facilitating egg removal, associated complications, and outcome when percloacal ovocentesis was performed. Data were obtained from an avian first-opinion and referral center in the United Kingdom over a 10-year period. Of the 20 cases that met the inclusion criteria, the following orders were represented (Psittaciformes (n = 15; 75%), Anseriformes (n = 1; 5%), Accipitriformes (n = 2; 10%), and Strigiformes (n = 2; 10%) were represented. Patient age ranged from 2 to 26 years, with an average age of 9.4 years. Percloacal ovocentesis successfully facilitated egg removal in 16 of 20 cases (80%) with no complications observed in 14 of 20 cases (70%). Percloacal ovocentesis is not without potential complications; eggs fragmented in 2 of 20 (10%) cases, with coelomic penetration and coelomitis suspected in a single case (5%). Careful risk assessment and case selection should be performed before the use of this technique. In cases that are refractory to medical management, and in which surgical intervention is high risk or not a feasible option, percloacal ovocentesis can facilitate successful resolution of egg binding in an avian patient and should be considered as a viable treatment option.

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Tariq Abou-Zahr, Daniel Calvo Carrasco, Sara Louise Jones, and Thomas Anthony George Dutton "Percloacal Ovocentesis in the Treatment of Avian Egg Binding: Review of 20 Cases," Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 33(3), 251-257, (9 September 2019).
Published: 9 September 2019
egg binding
egg bound
percloacal ovocentesis
psittacine birds
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