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23 June 2020 Vibration Soil Crushing Mechanism of Self-excited Vibration Subsoiler in Coastal Area
Xing Ma, Shijie Wang, Heying Wang
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Ma, X.; Wang, S., and Wang, H., 2020. Vibration soil crushing mechanism of self-excited vibration subsoiler in coastal area. In: Yang, Y.; Mi, C.; Zhao, L., and Lam, S. (eds.), Global Topics and New Trends in Coastal Research: Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 103, pp. 426–430. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

According to the characteristics of high alkalinity and humidity in the coastal area, the self-excited vibration subsoiler is designed, and the subsoiling mechanism is designed as layered structure. The LS-DYNA explicit dynamics analysis program was used to simulate the working process of non-vibration and vibration subsoiling respectively. In the process of subsoiling, the action process of two kinds of subsoiling mechanism on soil, the stress change of subsoiling mechanism and soil respectively, and the mechanism of soil crushing of soil vibration are studied. It can be seen from the analysis that under the condition of vibration, the resistance of the soil to the subsoil shovel is reduced, the shear force of the subsoil shovel to the soil is increased. The soil debris is more uniform, there is no fracture phenomenon in the upper and lower layers of soil, and the subsoil effect is better.

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Xing Ma, Shijie Wang, and Heying Wang "Vibration Soil Crushing Mechanism of Self-excited Vibration Subsoiler in Coastal Area," Journal of Coastal Research 103(sp1), 426-430, (23 June 2020).
Received: 10 October 2019; Accepted: 28 February 2020; Published: 23 June 2020
display dynamic analysis.
soil crushing mechanism
soil mechanics
vibration subsoiling
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