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5 October 2020 Economic Benefit Evaluation of Water Resources Recycling Utilization based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
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Wu, X., 2020. Economic benefit evaluation of water resources recycling utilization based on analytic hierarchy process. In: Guido Aldana, P.A. and Kantamaneni, K. (eds.), Advances in Water Resources, Coastal Management, and Marine Science Technology. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 104, pp. 6–9. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Due to the backwardness of current industrial production mode and technology and people's lack of understanding of water crisis and other reasons, there are low utilization efficiency and serious waste in the process of using water resources, which aggravates the shortage of water resources. In order to improve the utilization rate of water resources and improve the economic benefits of water resources, an evaluation method of economic benefits of water resources recycling based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is proposed. This paper introduces the theoretical basis of the development of circular economy, analyzes various modes of the development of circular economy of urban water resources, and forecasts the optimal water demand quota or water demand of a certain region in a certain period through the elastic coefficient method of water price. On this basis, the hierarchical structure model is established by using the multi index system of regional water resources recycling, and the directional distance function model is constructed to measure the water resources utilization efficiency reasonably. Finally, the index weight and comprehensive correlation degree are determined based on the analytic hierarchy process to realize the evaluation of economic benefits of water resources recycling. Based on the basic data of water resources utilization in a certain region from 2015 to 2019, this paper evaluates the benefits of water resources recycling utilization, and concludes that the economic development level has a significant positive effect on the water resources utilization efficiency, and the industrial water use efficiency is the main factor determining the water resources utilization efficiency. According to the results, it provides reference for the utilization of water resources.

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Xue Wu "Economic Benefit Evaluation of Water Resources Recycling Utilization based on Analytic Hierarchy Process," Journal of Coastal Research 104(sp1), 6-9, (5 October 2020).
Received: 6 January 2020; Accepted: 31 July 2020; Published: 5 October 2020

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