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5 October 2020 Evaluation of Slope Safety Using the Pignistic Probability-based Analysis Method
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Dong, C.H.; Zhang, M.; Yang, H.M., and Xu, X.B., 2020. Evaluation of slope safety using the pignistic probability-based analysis method. In: Guido Aldana, P.A. and Kantamaneni, K. (eds.), Advances in Water Resources, Coastal Management, and Marine Science Technology. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 104, pp. 302–307. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

On the basis of the slope stability analysis using the pignistic probability-based analysis method, considering the characteristics of dynamic change of parameters under the actual working conditions, an indoor model was built. The pignistic probability-based analysis method was suitable for the uncertainty working conditions caused by the fact that soil material parameters changed with water level and other conditions in the reservoir bank slope stability analysis, and the analysis results were consistent with the monitoring results. This study can provide a reference for other laboratory model tests of slope and a new solution for large slope stability analysis.

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Chenghui Dong, Min Zhang, Haoming Yang, and Xiaobin Xu "Evaluation of Slope Safety Using the Pignistic Probability-based Analysis Method," Journal of Coastal Research 104(sp1), 302-307, (5 October 2020).
Received: 2 January 2020; Accepted: 7 May 2020; Published: 5 October 2020

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