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27 August 2020 Study on the Development Model of Qinhuangdao Binhai Culture Tourism Based on Soft Power of Foreign Language
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Zhang, T., 2020. Study on the development model of Qinhuangdao Binhai culture tourism based on soft power of foreign language. In: Bai, X. and Zhou, H. (eds.), Advances in Water Resources, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Development. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 115, pp. 136-138. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

In recent years, China has made great efforts to strengthen our cultural soft power, and in the foreign language sector, it is also constantly strengthening, aimed at strengthening the overall cultural soft power of our country through the strengthening of foreign language soft power, so it is also making continuous efforts to integrate this construction into the national development process. This is the result of the inevitable requirement of our country's development so far, and it is also the requirement to enhance our country's comprehensive national strength. When we integrate into the field of international globalization, we should strive to improve our strength and create a very good international image and a beautiful and harmonious development environment. At the same time, the world's countries are gradually beginning to change China, a deeper understanding that the development of cultural soft power is also an important part of the development of national strength, and foreign language soft power as a part of cultural soft power, but also a more important part (Hu, 2019), has gradually become an important part and indispensable part of the development of international competitiveness of countries today. And cultural soft power contains the part of foreign language soft power, so foreign language is undoubtedly a very important part. It should have been envisaged before the Qinhuangdao Seaside Cultural Tourism Project, that there will be a large number of international outsiders in the promotion of island scenery and cultural traditions, so accurate and timely communication and communication is extremely important, so we should reserve the talents of foreign language as a skill before that. (Li, 2019) As shown in Figure 1, Therefore, from the point of view of the importance of foreign language soft power, if we want to develop Qinhuangdao seaside tourism project, we should deeply understand that not only to promote the economic development of the country and the joint development of various industries, but also to promote the inheritance of our country's historical and cultural traditions, on the basis of economic development, but also to carry out cultural export and inheritance, these measures are undoubtedly not very realistic theoretical significance. As shown in Figure 2. Therefore, this paper takes the soft power of foreign language as its starting point, from this point of view, to build the development model of Qinhuangdao coastal cultural tourism project, and then as an example, is conducive to the development and implementation of other special projects, from the development of coastal tourism projects at home and abroad, the impact of cultural differences between China and foreign countries and training measures for foreign language professionals, to provide effective reference value for the development of Qinhuangdao seaside cultural tourism project.

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Tingting Zhang "Study on the Development Model of Qinhuangdao Binhai Culture Tourism Based on Soft Power of Foreign Language," Journal of Coastal Research 115(sp1), 136-138, (27 August 2020).
Received: 17 February 2020; Accepted: 19 May 2020; Published: 27 August 2020

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