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27 August 2020 Research on Ship Azimuth-only Target Tracking Method Based on Computer Vision
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Lian, G., 2020. Research on ship azimuth-only target tracking method based on computer vision. In: Bai, X. and Zhou, H. (eds.), Advances in Water Resources, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Development. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 115, pp. 202-204. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Due to the influence of external environmental factors, the traditional method has certain deviation in ship bearings-only target tracking. With the development of economic globalization, the number of shipping vessels has increased dramatically. A good video target tracking system must be able to ensure real-time tracking of ship targets. However, the increase in the number of ships not only improves the work efficiency of water transportation, but also causes the problem of higher water traffic density, which has a serious impact on the safe navigation of ships and the ecological environment of waters. The functions of target tracking system include target detection, target feature extraction, target tracking and so on. In this paper, the computer vision technology is introduced into the ship bearings only target tracking, and the computer vision sensor device is installed on the ship to be tracked, and the real-time ship navigation image is collected by the device.

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Guoyun Lian "Research on Ship Azimuth-only Target Tracking Method Based on Computer Vision," Journal of Coastal Research 115(sp1), 202-204, (27 August 2020).
Received: 21 February 2020; Accepted: 11 May 2020; Published: 27 August 2020

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