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1 March 2009 Parameter Uncertainty and Bootstrap Analysis for Waves in the Egyptian Northern Coast, a Case Study Application
M. A. Khalifa, M. A. El Ganainy, R. I. Nasr
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This research represents a statistical study of waves off the Egyptian northern coast, near Port Said. Wave time series data measured by altimeter were used, and data on wave climate was accessed for areas as small as 50 km2. The central position considered in this study was 31°10′ N and 32°20′ E. A statistical analysis was carried out for the downloaded wave data to determine representative offshore seasonal significant wave heights and average seasonal significant wave heights for data from 2003, 2004, and 2005. All four seasons were taken into consideration. The wave nearshore transform was carried out using the mathematical model SWAN. For statistical analysis, six zones were considered within an area 50 km long toward offshore and 25 km wide. Regression models for the transformed significant wave heights were determined by season, considering data for waves propagated from the NNW. Models based on zone numbers and wave propagation direction were used to determine approximate values for the significant wave heights between seasons. These regression models were used to study parameter uncertainties using both all and half of the transformed wave data. Bootstrap analyses were also carried out for the transformed wave heights in the six zones for waves propagated from the NNW. Thus, an investigation of the parameter uncertainty of mean significant wave heights via the determination of the representative distributions were carried out. It can be concluded that the bootstrap values in the different seasons generally had parallel trends. The seasonal bootstrap values of the deviation from the mean had no clear, recognizable trend. Bias values (variation) from mean significant wave heights were also calculated and are presented.

M. A. Khalifa, M. A. El Ganainy, and R. I. Nasr "Parameter Uncertainty and Bootstrap Analysis for Waves in the Egyptian Northern Coast, a Case Study Application," Journal of Coastal Research 2009(252), 474-487, (1 March 2009).
Received: 29 November 2007; Accepted: 1 May 2008; Published: 1 March 2009

altimeter wave data
bootstrap analysis
Egyptian northern coast
parameter uncertainty
regression models
statistical analysis
SWAN model
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