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1 January 2010 Modeling Shoreline Evolution at Hai Hau Beach, Vietnam
Le Xuan Hoan, Hans Hanson, Magnus Larson, Chantal Donnelly, Pham Thanh Nam
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The coastline of Hai Hau District, located on the northeast coast of Vietnam with about 30 km of shoreline, is chronically eroding. Previous studies have tried to highlight the main causes of the erosion along this coastline, and several hypotheses exist. To examine the hypothesis that gradients in the longshore sediment transport rate and cross-shore fine sediment lost offshore are the main causes generating the serius erosion at Hai Hau Beach, a newly developed numerical model of shoreline change based on the one-line theory was applied and compared with data. Sea dike segments, reinforced by stones and mortar, were modeled using a seawall boundary condition, and the sediment continuity equation was modified to take into account the offshore transport of fine-grained sediment. The simulated shorelines agreed well with the measured shorelines, both for the calibration and validation periods. The calculated sediment budget shows that the net sediment transport is in the southward direction and that a large amount of fine-grained sediment is lost into deep water. These two sinks of sediment are believed to be the main causes of the serious erosion at Hai Hau Beach.

Le Xuan Hoan, Hans Hanson, Magnus Larson, Chantal Donnelly, and Pham Thanh Nam "Modeling Shoreline Evolution at Hai Hau Beach, Vietnam," Journal of Coastal Research 2010(261), 31-43, (1 January 2010).
Received: 17 April 2008; Accepted: 28 July 2008; Published: 1 January 2010

Ba Lat Mouth
fine sediment
Hai Hau Beach
sediment transport
shoreline evolution
shoreline modeling
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