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1 December 2011 The Ecotourism Sustainable Strategy: Engagement and Overcoming
Maria Cidalia Tojeiro
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CIDALIA TOJEIRO, M., 2011. The Ecotourism Sustainable Strategy: Engagement and Overcoming. In: Micallef, A. (ed.), MCRR3-2010 Conference Proceedings, Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 61, pp. 221–225. Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, ISSN 0749-0208.

The Ecotourism Sustainable Strategy - ESS can be the exit, for the management, preservation and responsible development in small areas of easy control and with great tourist appeal, as Malta has. The concepts of ecotourism and sustainable development, together can promote an alternative for the solution of existing problems and prevent, with security, the mass tourism that is improper in small countries with very high density because this type of tourism drastically modifies the inhabitants routine by provoke discomfort and does not show any concern in keeping clean or preserved the places for where they pass. The ESS demands the joint action between the tourist industry, the government (national and local), the university and the society that, for implantation of the techniques, proposals will promote interest of the local people, generating human resources for the sector and, consequently, it will provoke the investors related to the economic development of the island. The ecotourism is not a mass activity and its adepts - the ecotourists bring in its profile the eager interest for historical, cultural and gastronomic tourism, and Malta has high potential to do so. The engagement and the responsibilities are attributions sine qua non in ESS' implantation, a time that this strategy can point out to the success in problem solution.

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Maria Cidalia Tojeiro "The Ecotourism Sustainable Strategy: Engagement and Overcoming," Journal of Coastal Research 2011(10061), 221-225, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011
environment protection
sustainable development
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