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1 December 2011 Carrying Capacity Analysis of Praia do Forte Beach, Brazil
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SILVA, I. R., DE SOUZA FILHO, J.R., B.M., FERREIRA, D.F and PAPI, A.G.F., 2011. Recent Carrying Capacity Analysis of Praia do Forte Beach, Brazil. In: Micallef, A. (ed.), MCRR3-2010 Conference Proceedings, Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 61, pp. 440-445. Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, ISSN 0749-0208.

Praia do Forte is located in the city of Mata de Sao Joao, on the Northern Coast of Bahia, Brazil. This is an important tourist destination, especially for its ecological, landscape and cultural capital. The present study is aimed at analyzing use patterns and recreational carrying capacity of Praia do Forte. Parameters used include environmental characteristics and dynamics of coastal occupation. After a description of characteristics, sections of the beach were hourly photographed showing the flow of users throughout the day. Then the number of users per cell (20 meters) was counted during peak hours. Sites with the highest frequency showed area available ranging 9–18 m2 per user. Due to the small width of the beaches, especially during periods of high tide, Praia do Forte has a classified as low-accommodation capacity, compromising its recreational ability. Moreover, the current form of occupation favors coastal erosion processes already evident along the beach.

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Iracema Reimão Silva, José Rodrigues de Souza Filho, Doneivan Fernandes Ferreira, and André Gustavo Freitas Papi "Carrying Capacity Analysis of Praia do Forte Beach, Brazil," Journal of Coastal Research 2011(10061), 440-445, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011

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