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1 November 2016 Appropriate Locations for Geotextile Bag Revetments: An Analysis
Ana I. Antón, José M. de la Peña, José L. Almazán, Antonio Lechuga
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Antón, A.I.; de la Peña, J.M.; Almazán, J.L., and Lechuga, A., 2016. Appropriate locations for geotextile bag revetments: An analysis.

Social pressure exerted by urban development, the increase in erosion on many coastal stretches, and the rise in sea level due to climate change over the last few decades have led governments to increase investment in coastal protection. In turn, a reduction in costs and increases in ease of construction and rate of implementation have led to sand-filled geotextile elements, such as bags, tubes, and containers, becoming an alternative or supplement to traditional coastal defence materials, such as rubble mounds, concrete, and so on. Not all coastal zones are appropriate for sand-filled geotextile structures as coastal defences. This article analyses suitable zones for locating geotextile bag revetments to protect coasts from storm erosion and concludes that the least suitable zones are the surf zone (on an open coast and on a slightly protected coast) and deep water (on an open coast), except if a suitable reinforcement is carried out when the demand makes it necessary this build this kind of defence.

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Ana I. Antón, José M. de la Peña, José L. Almazán, and Antonio Lechuga "Appropriate Locations for Geotextile Bag Revetments: An Analysis," Journal of Coastal Research 32(6), 1456-1463, (1 November 2016).
Received: 20 August 2015; Accepted: 29 October 2015; Published: 1 November 2016
coastal engineering structures
Coastal profile zones
Shoreline protection
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