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1 May 2018 An Improved Path Optimum Algorithm for Container Relocation Problems in Port Terminals Worldwide
Sisi Zheng, Aihu Wang, Fahad Mehmood, Yasir Tariq Mohmand
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Zheng, S.; Wang, A.; Mehmood, F., and Mohmand, Y.T., 2018. An improved path optimum algorithm for container relocation problems in port terminals worldwide.

The container relocation problem (CRP) for ports worldwide has been a highly significant research topic because of its contribution to the improvement of yard-running efficiency. It can be defined as a sequence that allows each container to be extracted with the least number of relocations when identical containers in a cluster have been stacked in a block. This study differs from previous research mainly in five aspects: (1) a two-level goal programming model for CRP is presented that can help in understanding of this problem and provide a solid theoretical ground for this research; (2) because of the NP time hardness of the CRP, heuristic rules are proposed to reduce hunting space by the way of dividing solution space; (3) an improved path optimum algorithm (I-POA) is proposed to reduce unfeasible solutions and find a high-quality solution for any three-dimensional case in a shorter running time; (4) the numerical experiments show that the algorithm proposed in this research achieves better performance than similar algorithms because of its higher levels of efficiency and more robust property; and (5) a general expression for the utilization level of the storage area and the number of relocations is proposed to check the reliability of the result by conducting a sensitivity analysis. Based on this research, the following conclusion can be obtained: I-POA possesses significant practical value in the improvement of intelligent resource scheduling standards of coastal container ports worldwide.

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Sisi Zheng, Aihu Wang, Fahad Mehmood, and Yasir Tariq Mohmand "An Improved Path Optimum Algorithm for Container Relocation Problems in Port Terminals Worldwide," Journal of Coastal Research 34(3), 752-765, (1 May 2018).
Received: 20 March 2017; Accepted: 20 July 2017; Published: 1 May 2018
Extractive sequence
general expression
heuristic rules
least number of relocations
two-level goal programming model
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