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1 March 2019 Professor Roger H. Charlier (1921–2018)
Charles W. Finkl, Alexandru Bologa
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Born in Antwerp, Belgium, on 10 November 1921, Roger died at the age of 96 on 16 September 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. He was a friend, supporter, and contributor to the Journal of Coastal Research for many years. Roger was an accomplished academician of renown and much admired by all who knew him. The accomplishments of this unusual man are too numerous to mention here, but suffice it to say that we recognize decades of international accolades, many scientific honors, hundreds of scientific publications, numerous military medals, multiple academic degrees, seven continents visited and seven languages fluently spoken, and appointments at several universities. Professor Charlier meant a lot to the lives of students and colleagues around the world. Roger is remembered for the many years of teaching at various universities, especially his enthusiasm for taking hundreds of students on field trips to inculcate an understanding for the need to protect coastal oceans while giving them an international perspective and respect about the much larger world in which they lived.

Professor Charlier's well-known multilingualism served him well in consolidating relationships with many confrères and collaborators in his areas of expertise. But besides the professional continuous links, it led to a long friendship offered by a man of sound professionalism, exhaustive general culture, and vast personal experience in various matters. He has permanently manifested a particular generosity in sharing his knowledge, pieces of advice, or copyright. Last but not least, Roger Charlier had a very developed sense of humor, which he manifested in the most diverse and unexpected situations, generating highly attractive academic exposures, in addition to the pleasures always felt in his presence. Certainly, the regretted decedent has marked many generations of his disciples through his complex, multilateral, and informal personality. Many of us will remain grateful to Roger for everything he has given us, professionally and personally, throughout his long and productive life. We will surely miss him in future moments of joy or annoyance. Few teachers and tutors leave behind such a profound mark in the existence and heart of others.

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Charles W. Finkl and Alexandru Bologa "Professor Roger H. Charlier (1921–2018)," Journal of Coastal Research 35(2), 481, (1 March 2019).
Published: 1 March 2019

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