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1 January 2015 Modeling and Simulating the Operation of the Harbor Portal Crane
Haiwei Liu, Weijian Mi, Ning Zhao, Yufei Feng
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Liu, H.; Mi, W.; Zhao, N., and Feng, Y., 2015. Modeling and simulating the operation of the harbor portal crane.

As more and more attention has been paid to energy saving, consumption reducing of the port in order to realize the concept of a green port, the number of experts and scholars devoted to the research of energy saving technology in port machinery is increasing. Generally, due to the busy port operations, port machinery could not be divorced from the operating line solely for research. Moreover, the use of real port machinery would impose a high cost for research. Therefore, it was necessary to look for a low-cost, high-precision research platform. In this article, we established a mechanical model, motor model and control model by simulation software based on a real portal crane. And we integrated these three models into the whole simulation platform, providing an energy saving research base by simulating the hoisting and luffing operation of the port crane and analyzing the power change and energy consumption in the hoisting and luffing process. The results of the simulation showed that the simulation platform can completely meet the requirements for portal crane energy saving research.

© 2015 Coastal Education and Research Foundation
Haiwei Liu, Weijian Mi, Ning Zhao, and Yufei Feng "Modeling and Simulating the Operation of the Harbor Portal Crane," Journal of Coastal Research 73(sp1), 89-94, (1 January 2015).
Received: 23 August 2014; Accepted: 16 November 2014; Published: 1 January 2015
Harbor portal crane
simulation platform
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