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1 January 2015 The Intention of Job Seekers to Apply for Jobs in Small and Medium-Size Coastal Enterprises Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior
Sengsu Tsang, Wencheng Wang, Haohsiang Ku
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Tsang, S.; Wang, W., and Ku, H., 2015. The intention of job seekers to apply for jobs in small and medium-size coastal enterprises based on the theory of planned behavior.

Taiwan is surrounded by sea areas, ecological, cultural, and economic and maritime industries are closely related, and Taiwan coastline of 1319 km. Gravity buildings suitable for coastal and nearshore shallow waters, such as Haiti, revetments, piers, breakwaters, artificial islands, so as to soil, stone, concrete and other materials built into the slope, straight wall or hybrid type of structure, marine engineering industry is a long cycle, capital-intensive, technology-intensive, labor-intensive traditional industries. Taiwan's first engineering and coastal waters can be traced back in 1960 to build the Taichung Harbor, Suao harbor, Hualien, Kaohsiung and Keelung of building expansion, the Taiwan Power Company's various nuclear and thermal power plants. The Coastal Enterprises seeks to demonstrate the capabilities of the individuals job seeker, not focus on their disability. Based on the findings of past studies, many factors affect job seekers in terms of applying to work for SMEs. That is, external factors, job seekers' backgrounds, and enterprise related factors are all likely to affect job seekers' attitudes towards an enterprise; job seekers could also be affected by referent groups, and the effects of individual abilities. In order to summarize the many possible impact factors in a structured manner, this research uses the theory of planned behavior as its theoretical framework. This study also obtained the opinions of 320 respondents from the coastal engineering job fair held in Taiwan, and the results found that attitudes and perceived behavioral control are the main considerations affecting coastal engineering job seekers applying for SMEs' job vacancies. This research also proposes related research suggestions based on the research results.

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Sengsu Tsang, Wencheng Wang, and Haohsiang Ku "The Intention of Job Seekers to Apply for Jobs in Small and Medium-Size Coastal Enterprises Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior," Journal of Coastal Research 73(sp1), 665-675, (1 January 2015).
Received: 21 August 2014; Accepted: 16 November 2014; Published: 1 January 2015
job seekers.
Small and medium coastal engineering enterprises
the theory of planned behavior
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