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1 March 2016 Use of Groundwater-table To Establish a Buffer Zone In a Barrier Island, Nakdong River Estuary, South Korea
Junghyun Park, Chang-Ill Yoo, Han-sam Yoon
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Park, J.H.; Yoo, C.I. and Yoon, H.S., 2016. Use of groundwater-table to establish a buffer zone In a barrier Island, Nakdong river estuary, South Korea. In: Vila-Concejo, A.; Bruce, E.; Kennedy, D.M., and McCarroll, R.J. (eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Coastal Symposium (Sydney, Australia). Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 75, pp. 113-117. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

A barrier island works as a buffer zone against wave and tidal forces, especially in river estuaries. To quantitatively analyze the buffer zone mechanism, understanding the wave, tide precipitation and groundwater-table by using long-term field observation is necessary. This study presents a coastal buffer zone mechanism in a barrier island (Jinudo) of the Nakdong river estuary in Busan, South Korea. For establishing a coastal buffer zone in a barrier island, we measured the groundwater at five observation points for 26 months from March 2012 and obtained wave and tidal data from a national observation station near the river mouth. We constructed a wave transformation numerical model and extracted breaking wave conditions, and then we compared data from the numerical model with a real-time groundwater data. According to the results, the buffer zone maximized up to 166.3 m from the shoreline with a wave height and period of 0.05 m and 12 sec, respectively, for 8 hours. Considering seawater infiltration, the buffer zone was observed to reduce to 125.0 m. The critical values are likely to define a coastal protection zone and vegetation distribution characteristic.

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Junghyun Park, Chang-Ill Yoo, and Han-sam Yoon "Use of Groundwater-table To Establish a Buffer Zone In a Barrier Island, Nakdong River Estuary, South Korea," Journal of Coastal Research 75(sp1), 113-117, (1 March 2016).
Received: 15 October 2015; Accepted: 15 January 2016; Published: 1 March 2016
coastal buffer zone
Estuary barrier Island
long wave
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