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1 March 2017 Detection of Natural and Anthropic Features on Small Islands
Sergio Cappucci, Emiliana Valentini, Maurizio Del Monte, Marida Paci, Federico Filipponi, Andrea Taramelli
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Cappucci, S.; Valentini, E.; Del Monte, M.; Paci, M.; Filipponi, F., and Taramelli, A., 2017. Detection of natural and anthropic features on small islands. In: Martinez, M.L.; Taramelli, A., and Silva, R. (eds.), Coastal Resilience: Exploring the Many Challenges from Different Viewpoints. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 77, pp. 73–87. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Mapping the distribution of seabed habitats, and estimating the spatial distribution of features and biocenosis over land and the seafloor, is particularly important for the analysis of human impacts. The present paper uses an innovative image analysis method that integrates different data sources from airborne remote sensing and in situ measurements for different features, allowing the detection of ecological ‘tipping points’ both in emerged and submerged coastal environments. Results show that it is possible to differentiate between the respective roles of: first, the internal variability of the natural morphological system and second, of external forcing factors. The final evidence, however, identifies a clear signature of external forcing, but whether of anthropogenic or natural origin, is unclear. The spatial pattern of the response to anthropogenic forcing may be indistinguishable from patterns of natural variability. It is argued that this novel approach to define tipping points following anthropogenic impacts could be most valuable in the management of natural resources and the economic development of coastal areas worldwide.

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Sergio Cappucci, Emiliana Valentini, Maurizio Del Monte, Marida Paci, Federico Filipponi, and Andrea Taramelli "Detection of Natural and Anthropic Features on Small Islands," Journal of Coastal Research 77(sp1), 73-87, (1 March 2017).
Received: 9 June 2016; Accepted: 19 October 2016; Published: 1 March 2017
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