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1 May 2018 The Investigation of Morphology Change Effects on Runup based on 2D Wave Flume Experiment
Zhaoyan Xu, Huajun Li, Bingchen Liang, Dong Young Lee
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Xu, Z.; Li, H.; Liang, B., and Lee, D.Y., 2018. The investigation of morphology change effects on run-up based on 2D wave flume experiment. In: Shim, J.-S.; Chun, I., and Lim, H.S. (eds.), Proceedings from the International Coastal Symposium (ICS) 2018 (Busan, Republic of Korea). Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 85, pp. 1021–1025. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The high speed swash motion and wave runup in swash zone induce high morphology dynamic change at the beach, which is closely related to dune erosion. In the present work, the process of wave runup was investigated through the analysis of laboratory experiment at 2D wave flume. The time variations of swash shape were recorded by using side-looking camera camera. Runup heights were obtained from the video image analysis. The wave resolving model, XBeach model, is also used to simulate wave runup height by preparing the input boundary conditions using the laboratory hydrodynamic data at offshore. Compared to the wave run-up results obtained from laboratory experiment, the performance of XBeach is acceptable but shows some difference on the trends of Rmax and setup η changing with bottom change. The effects of bottom slope change (different forshore slope and sand bar developement) on the wave runup are discussed through analysing runup components (wave setup η and swash S) and incident wave height at different time, which shows the morphology change has unneglected effects on wave runup height by affecting the incident hydrodynamics, and the wave runup height and setup η decrease with the increasement of sandbar crest.

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Zhaoyan Xu, Huajun Li, Bingchen Liang, and Dong Young Lee "The Investigation of Morphology Change Effects on Runup based on 2D Wave Flume Experiment," Journal of Coastal Research 85(sp1), 1021-1025, (1 May 2018).
Received: 30 November 2017; Accepted: 10 February 2018; Published: 1 May 2018
morphology change
wave runup
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