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1 May 2018 3D Experimental Analysis of Turbulence Induced Scour in Front of the Ruble Mound Breakwater
Sevket Cokgor, Ozgur Durmus
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Cokgor, S. and Durmus, O., 2018. 3D experimental analysis of turbulence induced scour in front of the ruble mound breakwater. In: Shim, J.-S.; Chun, I., and Lim, H.S. (eds.), Proceedings from the International Coastal Symposium (ICS) 2018 (Busan, Republic of Korea). Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 85, pp. 1251–1255. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Laboratory data of velocity fields in front of a 45° angled side of a rubble-mound breakwater are presented and discussed for non-breaking wave condition. Velocity measurements were conducted near the breakwater by an acoustic Doppler velocimeter (Nortek Vectrino) regular wave. The raw data were analyzed by using a numerical-filtering scheme so that turbulent fluctuations are separated from the phase-dependent wave motions. Root mean square (RMS) values of the turbulent fluctuations in the vertical and horizontal directions were obtained. The spatial variations of the turbulent shear stress and of the turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) in front of the breakwater were determined. The results indicate that turbulent intensities take larger values when the wave contracts over the breakwater. On the other hand, maximum turbulent shear stress values were observed near the breakwater surface, as a consequence of the rough surface effect.

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Sevket Cokgor and Ozgur Durmus "3D Experimental Analysis of Turbulence Induced Scour in Front of the Ruble Mound Breakwater," Journal of Coastal Research 85(sp1), 1251-1255, (1 May 2018).
Received: 30 November 2017; Accepted: 10 February 2018; Published: 1 May 2018
Shields parameter
Turbulence intensity
turbulence kinetic energy
turbulence shear stress
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