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18 January 2023 Birds of an Extensive Papyrus Swamp in Uganda and Their Conservation
Micheal Kibuule, George Kaphu, David Ochanda, Derek Pomeroy
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The delta of the Nile as it enters Lake Albert is part of a Ramsar site and supports 35 km2 of papyrus swamp through which run channels of the river. For 12 months in 2017-2018, we made monthly bird counts, each of ten minutes, at 20 points along swamp edges. Overall, 143 species were recorded, of which 13 were particularly common in the papyrus, and a similar number along the channels. Of seven papyrus-restricted species observed, three are globally red-listed notably papyrus gonolek and shoebill. Most species are resident, but white-winged terns and several hirundine species were seasonally common. Our baseline counts should be repeated in future years as well as recording potential threats—climate change, oil and gas operations and other human activities. Most, but not all, of the Ramsar site is within Murchison Falls National Park, which is well-protected; if possible, the protection should be extended to the whole site.

Micheal Kibuule, George Kaphu, David Ochanda, and Derek Pomeroy "Birds of an Extensive Papyrus Swamp in Uganda and Their Conservation," Journal of East African Natural History 111(2), 81-98, (18 January 2023).
Published: 18 January 2023
Murchison Falls National Park
papyrus birds
Ramsar site
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