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1 August 2007 Assessing Stink Bug Resistance in Soybean Breeding Lines Containing Genes from Germplasm IAC-100
Robert M. McPherson, Glenn R. Buss, Phillip M. Roberts
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Sixty-five soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr., breeding lines containing the stink bug resistant ‘IAC-100′ in their pedigrees were evaluated for their resistance to stink bug, primarily southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula L., feeding in replicated field trials from 2001 to 2005. Plots were sampled throughout the season for stink bug abundance, and, at harvest, seed samples were rated for stink bug-induced kernel damage. Individual seeds were categorized as having none, light, moderate, or heavy damage plus 100-seed wt and plot yields were determined. Both ground cloth and sweep net sampling procedures were used to compare stink bug densities between the soybean entries. Stink bug densities varied between years; however, in the years when populations exceeded four per row-meter or six per 25 sweeps, there were more damaged soybean seeds (>25%) in the entries with higher stink bug numbers. During the first 2 yr of evaluations, the mean stink bug-damaged soybean seeds ranged from 10.0 to 38.2%. From these differential responses, 28 entries were selected for continued study in 2003–2004. In 2003, stink bug-damaged soybean seeds were low, with damage ranging from 2.9 to 18.2%. In 2004, stink bug damage ranged from 8.8 to 53.2%. From these 28 lines, 12 entries were selected for an advanced field screening trial in 2005, including the IAC-100 and ‘Hutcheson’. Damaged soybean seeds ranged from 18.5 to 54.1% among these 12 entries in 2005, under heavy stink bug pressure. From these evaluations, four breeding lines with either Hutcheson × IAC-100 or IAC-100 × ‘V71-370′ in their genealogy were identified as possible breeding material for future soybean stink bug resistance cultivar development.

Robert M. McPherson, Glenn R. Buss, and Phillip M. Roberts "Assessing Stink Bug Resistance in Soybean Breeding Lines Containing Genes from Germplasm IAC-100," Journal of Economic Entomology 100(4), 1456-1463, (1 August 2007).[1456:ASBRIS]2.0.CO;2
Received: 8 August 2006; Accepted: 28 March 2007; Published: 1 August 2007

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Acrosternum hilare
Euschistus servus
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Nezara viridula
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