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1 December 2011 Ninety-First Annual Meeting American Society of Mammalogists

Local Committee: Luis Ruedas (Chair, program, abstracts); Laurie Dizney (Assistant Chair, program, supervision of volunteers); Erica Hart (registration), Johanna Varner (registration, logistics), Olivia Kulander (housing), Robert Richardson (airport, troubleshooting), and Barbara Shaw (abstracts, volunteers).

Members were notified by e-mail of on-line access to the program before the meeting and abstracts for papers presented were provided to members attending the meeting. Abridged minutes of the directors' and members' meetings follow.

Abridged Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors

Meetings were held between 0900 and 1634 on 24 June 2011 and between 1258 and 1431 on 27 June 2011. The meetings were attended by 29 and 35 Officers and Directors and 6 and 1 invited guests, respectively. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Reports were read, accepted, or otherwise acted upon from the President, the Recording Secretary, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Trustees, Publications, Ombudspersons, Animal Care and Use, Historian/Archives, Checklist, Conservation, Conservation Awards, Coordination, Development, Education and Graduate Students, Grants-in-Aid, Grinnell Award, Honoraria, Honorary Membership, Human Diversity, Informatics, International Relations, Jackson Award, Latin American Fellowship, Legislation and Regulations, Mammal Images Library, Marine Mammals, Membership, Merriam Award, Nomenclature, Planning and Finance, Program, Public Education, Publications, Resolutions, and Systematic Collections standing committees; the ad hoc AIBS-ASM Graduate Student Public Policy Internship Committee, the Ombudspersons, and from the ASM representatives to other organizations.

Actions of interest to the membership were: announcement by the Secretary-Treasurer that we have 2,546 members (including 1723 Annual, 629 Life, 59 Patron, 114 Emeritus, and 16 Honorary Members) and that subscriptions to the Journal of Mammalogy totaled 532; recommendation of 240 new nominees for membership, and termination of 420 individuals; announcement that there were 71 members who reinstated membership, 0 resignations, 15 deaths, and 8 persons completing Life Membership payments; notification that in 2010 the Future Mammalogists Fund received contributions of $12,964.16, the Latin American Student Field Mammalogy Fund took in $12,305.00, the ASM General Contribution Fund received $1,127.30; the Oliver Pearson Fund received $1,625.00, and the ASM Century Fund received $1,150.00; acceptance with thanks for the report of the Secretary-Treasurer; reconfirmation of Ron Van Den Bussche as Secretary-Treasurer; notice from the Trustees that the value of the Society's net reserve principle was $3,121,629.95 as of 31 December 2010 and the value of the Society's Pooled Income Fund was $44,879.00 as of 31 December 2010; election of Fi Choate to a three year term as a Trustee for the Society; acceptance with thanks of the Trustees' report; thanks to outgoing Associate Editors Fritz Geiser, Betsy Dumont, David Jacobs, Jon Jenks, Bill Perrin, Janet Rachlow, and David Reed and appointment of eight new Associate Editors Brian Arbogast, Peter Evans, Loren Hayes, Ricardo Ojeda, Suzanne Prange, Lisa Shipley, Winston Smith, and Neal Woodman to the Journal of Mammalogy; thanks to outgoing Journal Editor Ronald E. Barry; and the election of Joe Merritt as Journal Editor.

The following budget for general expenses in 2012 was adopted: $41,696.00 for committees; $1,500 for support of the Secretary-Treasurer′s office and a $2,000 honorarium to the Secretary-Treasurer; $73,200 editorial honoraria and editorial expenses; $49,302 for A.M.& M. Services; $1,061 for on-line member services; $53,000 Grants-in-Aid; $4,000 for Student Honoraria; $10,500 for Latin American Field Mammalogy Awards; $15,000 for ASM Graduate Fellowship; $6,500 for the ASM/AIBS public policy internship; $7,000 for Oliver P. Pearson Award; $5,600 for Conservation Awards; $1,500 for Grinnell Award; $150 for Jackson Award; $250 AAZN dues; $200 AIBS dues, and $1,000 SCAW dues, and $2,100 to send a representative to the SCAW meeting; $150 PRIM&R dues, and $800 to send a representative to the PRIM&R meeting; $100 AAALAC dues, and $1,000 to send a representative to the AAALAC meeting; $100 NSCA dues; $1,000 indemnity/liability insurance, $6,500 for audit/tax preparation and $400 for bank fees; $6,000 President′s contingency fund; transfer of $168,486 from the Reserve Fund brought the estimated expenses and income both to $385,209.00.

Abridged Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members

The 1st session was called to order at 1052 and was recessed at 1158 on 25 June 2011 and the second was called to order at 1050 and adjourned at 1222 on 26 June 2011.

Minutes of the preceding meeting were approved as published in abridged form in the Journal of Mammalogy and as approved by the Directors and Officers. Abridged minutes of the first Board Meeting were read. Reports were presented in oral and/or written form from the President for the Executive Committee, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, the Trustees, standing committees, ad hoc committees and ASM representatives to other organizations.

Actions of interest to members were: acceptance of 240 new members, reinstatement of 71 members, and dropping of 420 members delinquent in dues payment; election of Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and 7 Directors, including 2 Student Directors (new officers and directors listed on page iv of this issue); election by acclamation of Paul Racey and Hans Kruuk to Honorary Membership; notification that the 2012 annual meetings are scheduled from 22–26 June at the Peppermill Convention Center in Reno, Nevada; announcement at the Banquet that Grants-in-Aid had been awarded to: Adam Ferguson (Texas Tech University); – B. Elizabeth Horner Award; Ana Laura Almendra (Brigham Young University); Carolyn Bauer (Tufts University); Katherine Brooks (University of Chicago); Erin Clancey (University of Idaho); Andreas Chavez (University of Washington); Anna Czupryna (University of Illinois at Chicago); Andy Dosmann (University of Chicago); Mallory Eckstut (University of Nevada, Las Vegas); David Gary Flagel (University of Notre Dame); Adam T. Ford (University of British Columbia); Gislene Lopes Goncalves (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)); Francois D. H. Gould (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine); Rebecca Green (University of California, Davis); Patricia L. Jones (University of Texas at Austin); Stephen Nyaga Kinyua (Moi University, Kenya); Patrice Kurnath (University of Utah); Eryn McFarlane (University of Guelph); Matthew R. Mauldin (Texas Tech University); Sara Parsons (Miami University of Ohio); Lorelei E. Patrick (Louisiana State University); Diana J. Raper (Oregon State University); Katelyn I. Schumacher (University of North Carolina Wilmington); Juliana Senawi (Texas Tech University); Amy Skibiel (Auburn University); Mariano Soley-G. (The City University of New York); Matt V. Talluto (University of Wyoming); Brian Tanis (Fort Hays State University); Courtney Thomason (Texas Tech University); Cody W. Thompson (Texas Tech University); Danielle M. Tufts (University of Nebraska, Lincoln); Kimberly VanderWaal (University of California, Davis); Johanna Varner (University of Utah); Yiwei Wang (University of California, Santa Cruz); Leah Yandow (University of Wyoming); and Christine Zolnik (Fordham University). The recipient of the ASM Fellowship in Mammalogy, Bret Pasch (University of Florida) and the nominee for the Albert R. and Alma Shadle Fellowship in Mammalogy, Justin Lack (Oklahoma State University), were announced at the banquet. The Anna M. Jackson Award went to Julie Woodruff (University of California, Berkeley), the A. Brazier Howell Award to Tereza Jezkova (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and the Elmer C. Birney Award to Chris Habeck (University of Wisconsin, Madison). ASM Undergraduate Awards were presented to Emily Scobie (University of Arizona) and Reed Ojala-Barbour (Pacific Lutheran University). The following awards were announced at the annual banquet: Latin American Student Field Research Awards to: Francisca Astorga (Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile); Loreto Correa (Universidad Austral de Chile); Juan Diaz-Nieto (University of Minnesota); Francisco Fonturbel (Universidad de Chile); Bianca Montero (North Dakota State University); the Joseph Grinnell Award for Excellence in Education in Mammalogy to George A. Feldhamer (Southern Illinois University); the Hartley H. T. Jackson Award and a “President's special award for service to the mammal society” to Matt E. Hopton; a “President's special award for service to the mammal society” to Robert S. Sikes and to Douglas A. Kelt; the Oliver P. Pearson Award to Sergio Solari (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia); the Aldo Leopold Award to Dr. Rubén Bárquez (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas; CONICET of Argentina); and the William T. Hornaday Award to Enzo Aliaga-Rosel (University of Hawai‘i at Manoa).

The following resolution was adopted:

Host Resolution American Society of Mammalogists Annual Meeting

WHEREAS, the 91st annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists was held at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 25–29 June, 2011; and

WHEREAS, everything at Portland State was recycled, even the signage… before we got here; and

WHEREAS the liberal atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest must have subverted the Board, making 6.13 the new 4.5; and

WHEREAS, in a not too subtle reminder that we need to recruit younger members, ASM past presidents were issued black name tags and a bottle of Rogue Dead Guy ale; and

WHEREAS, the ASM omsbudpersons were alerted to numerous violations of personal space, but it turned out it was only members trying to read the 10-point font on name tags; and

WHEREAS, the Portland State meal plan consisted of stocking up on strawberries at the farmer's market; and

WHEREAS oops, we pause for a moment to reconnect to the Portland State server; and

WHEREAS, even a cloud of volcanic ash couldn't keep the Aussies away from someplace called “Beervana”; and

WHEREAS, “Estos gringos chupan como esponjes!”; and

WHEREAS, Julie Woodruff taught us that living with a female reduces your anxiety levels, and thus “Ctenomys is to love mys;” of course, she only tested this hypothesis with other females; Chris Habeck taught us that if you don't keep an eye on those mammalogists, they'll try to steal your FACE; and Tereza Jezkova showed that although change is good, kangaroo rats don't let even glaciers push them around; and

WHEREAS, Shadle Fellowship winner Bret Pasch left the older males in the audience wondering if their hearing really was going, and more importantly, why do Costa Rican mice sing in Italian?; and

WHEREAS building on our new talk show format for members' meetings, our members' meeting in Reno will be co-hosted by Mike Mares and Oprah, with all attendees receiving a new car! That should boost membership; and

WHEREAS, Secretary-Treasurer Ron Van Den Bussche was able to balance the budget by hanging out in the park after the picnic and collecting spare change; and

WHEREAS, we learned a new meaning for “going Rogue;” and

WHEREAS, at the picnic, mammalogists were baited into a large, open-topped live trap using free beer, then released only to be recaptured in a food line where the wait was best measured on a geologic time scale; and

WHEREAS unfortunately, salmon season ended before all the picnic attendees could be served; and

WHEREAS, the Run for Research followed laid-back Portland guidelines: “Hey, go out and run somewhere. Let us know how you did”; and

WHEREAS, the local committee did not produce a meeting t-shirt because they could not figure out how to tie-dye the gopher; and

WHEREAS, following up on the idea of speed dating, the local committee initiated the new concept of speed poster sessions; and

WHEREAS someone needs to explain to the senior members of ASM that developing a social network does not mean cramming 400 people into a 100 by 100 ft space for a poster session; and

WHEREAS our Australian mates introduced many new complex conceptual issues for us to ponder, such as what is the difference between ASM and AMS?, who came first, Sherman or Elliot?, and just what is a dingo anyway?; and

WHEREAS oops, we pause once again for a moment to reconnect to the Portland State server; and

WHEREAS, Grinnell Award recipient Enrique Lessa encouraged us to embrace our inner mammalogical child for as long as possible, at least if we can get somebody else to pay for it; and

WHEREAS, Leopold Award recipient Herbert Prins noted that even Aldo might have been a bit optimistic when he said, “the government will do the rest”; and in breaking news, conservation practices in Tibet have inspired a new chain of restaurants called the Deli Lama, proving once again, “It's the economy, stupid”; and

WHEREAS, Merriam Award recipient Gerardo Ceballos did not submit a title or abstract before the conference, probably because he was afraid that no one would come to his presentation if they knew what it was about; and

WHEREAS oops, we pause for another moment to log back on to the Portland State server; and

WHEREAS the ad hoc ASM membership retention committee has determined that benefits of membership in ASM will now include “more money, more publicity, better clothes, more sex, and free rehab”; and

WHEREAS, Matt Hopton and the IT committee did a terrific job on our beautiful new website: you guys rock!; and

WHEREAS, things kept rolling along throughout the meeting porque nosotros tenemos Ruedas!

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Society of Mammalogists meeting at their 91st annual meeting at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 25–29 June 2011, being joined by the Australian Mammal Society for their 57th annual meeting, heartily thank Luis Ruedas, Laurie Dizney, Barb Shaw, Livi Kulander, the rest of the local committee, the Portland State Vikings, and the entire Beaver State for an invigorating and thoroughly enjoyable meeting with great ambiance, great beer, and great food…when you could get it.

2011 American Society of Mammalogists
"Ninety-First Annual Meeting American Society of Mammalogists," Journal of Mammalogy 92(6), 1434-1436, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011

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