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28 June 2012 A new species of mole of the genus Euroscaptor (Soricomorpha, Talpidae) from northern Vietnam
Shin-ichiro Kawada, Nguyen Truong Son, Dang Ngoc Can
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A new species of talpine mole from northern Vietnam is described and compared with other species of the genus Euroscaptor. This small mole was assigned to the genus Euroscaptor on the basis of its dental formula, but it also shows unique morphological and karyological characteristics. The new species is externally similar to E. parvidens from southern Vietnam, possessing warty protuberances on the muzzle not seen in other members of this genus. The tail of the new species is much shorter than in E. parvidens and E. malayana, both known to have short tails. The tail is not visible under the fur in the dorsal view, giving it an almost tailless appearance. The skull of the new species is similar to that of E. longirostris, but the palate is characteristically wider. The molars of the upper jaw are of a simple triangular shape, and there is no hypoconulid in the lower molars. The diploid number of the new species was determined to be 2n  =  38, which is a new karyotype for this genus. This mole inhabits the lower elevational areas of northern Vietnam and is partially peripatric with E. longirostris in the type locality. Because of the distribution of another taxon in northern Vietnam, Mogera latouchei, the ecological relationships among 4 species of Vietnamese moles also is discussed.

American Society of Mammalogists
Shin-ichiro Kawada, Nguyen Truong Son, and Dang Ngoc Can "A new species of mole of the genus Euroscaptor (Soricomorpha, Talpidae) from northern Vietnam," Journal of Mammalogy 93(3), 839-850, (28 June 2012).
Received: 24 August 2011; Accepted: 1 November 2011; Published: 28 June 2012

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