Detailed information on the nomination or application process for all of these programs will be published in full in the December 2012 issue of the Journal. Additional information on the awards can be found on the ASM website (

The C. HART MERRIAM AWARD was established by the American Society of Mammalogists in 1974 and honors outstanding research in mammalogy. Nominees should be established scientists who are actively engaged in research and who have made significant contributions to the science of mammalogy over a period of at least 10 years. Persons interested in nominating someone for the Merriam Award should send a single letter of nomination and a copy of the nominee's CV via email Felisa Smith ( by 10 February 2013. The Committee will select candidates for more extensive consideration and nominators for the finalists will be asked to arrange to have 2–5 additional letters of support sent via email to Felisa Smith by 15 March.

The JOSEPH GRINNELL AWARD was established by the American Society of Mammalogists in 1996 to honor individuals who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to education in mammalogy over ≥10 years. The award recognizes excellence in education encompassing the traditional roles of teaching in graduate and undergraduate institutions as well as administrative activities that further educational programs in mammalogy; production of materials for federal, state, or local agencies; public education through the creation of museum displays; and enhancement or encouragement of education through stewardship activities. A letter of nomination (≤2 pages in length) should describe the candidate's excellence in education in mammalogy and say why he or she should be considered for the award. Nominations will be evaluated by the Grinnell Committee and full documentation will be solicited for competitive nominations. The single letter of nomination should be sent to Committee Chair Marjorie Matocq ( by by 10 February.

The H. H. T. JACKSON AWARD was established in 1977 for the purpose of providing recognition to individuals who have rendered long and outstanding service to the American Society of Mammalogists. A letter of nomination containing specific information on the nominee's service to the ASM and a curriculum vitae should be sent via email to Glennis Kaufman ( before 1 February 2013. If the candidate is judged competitive, the nominator will be notified and a completed nomination packet will be requested.

The ALDO LEOPOLD and WILLIAM T. HORNADAY CONSERVATION AWARDS were established by the American Society of Mammalogists in 2002 to recognize outstanding contributions to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. The Aldo Leopold Award is given to a well-established individual who has made a lasting scientific contribution to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. The William T. Hornaday Award is awarded to a current undergraduate or graduate student who has made a significant scientific contribution as a student to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. For either award, send a letter of nomination describing the nominee's contributions to mammalian conservation to J. Cook ( by 10 February. For candidates judged to be competitive, nominators will be notified and completed nomination packets will be requested.

The OLIVER P. PEARSON AWARD, the Latin American Fellowship, honors the mammalogist's six decades of work in Latin America and his support for Latin American mammalogists. The award offers financial support to young professional mammalogists who hold academic or curatorial positions in Latin America within 5 years of receiving a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to help them establish or consolidate their research programs. Additional details are available on the ASM website at To be considered, all application materials must be sent electronically to Dr. Kristina A. Ernest ( by 15 April 2013.

"COMMENTS AND NEWS," Journal of Mammalogy 93(6), 1572, (1 December 2012).
Published: 1 December 2012
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