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1 November 2010 Efficacy of Commercial Mosquito Traps in Capturing Phlebotomine Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Egypt
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Four types of commercial mosquito control traps, the Mosquito Magnet Pro (MMP), the Sentinel 360 (S360), the BG-Sentinel (BGS), and the Mega-Catch Ultra (MCU), were compared with a standard Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) light trap for efficacy in collecting phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in a small farming village in the Nile River Valley 10 km north of Aswan, Egypt. Each trap was baited with either carbon dioxide (CO2) from combustion of butane gas (MMP), dry ice (CDC and BGS traps), light (MCU and S360), or dry ice and light (CDC). Traps were rotated through five sites in a 5 × 5 Latin square design, repeated four times during the height of the sand fly season (June, August, and September 2007) at a site where 94% of sand flies in past collections were Phlebotomus papatasi (Scopoli). A total of 6,440 sand flies was collected, of which 6,037 (93.7%) were P. papatasi. Of the CO2-baited traps, the BGS trap collected twice as many P. papatasi as the MMP and CDC light traps, and at least three times more P. papatasi than the light-only MCU and S360 traps (P < 0.05). Mean numbers (±SE) of P. papatasi captured per trap night were as follows: BGS 142.1 (±45.8) > MMP 56.8 (±9.0) > CDC 52.3 (±6.1) > MCU 38.2 (±6.4) > S360 12.6 (±1.8). Results indicate that several types of commercial traps are suitable substitutes for the CDC light trap in sand fly surveillance programs.

D. F. Hoel, D. L. Kline, J. A. Hogsette, U. R. Bernier, S. S. El-Hossary, H. A. Hanafi, N. Watany, E. Y. Fawaz, B. D. Furman, P. J. Obenauer, and D. E. Szumlas "Efficacy of Commercial Mosquito Traps in Capturing Phlebotomine Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Egypt," Journal of Medical Entomology 47(6), 1179-1184, (1 November 2010).
Received: 4 June 2010; Accepted: 1 June 2010; Published: 1 November 2010

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