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1 June 2006 Replacement name for Yungasacris Ronderos 1987 (nec)
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As Amédégnato & Carbonell (1998) indicated, Yungasacris Ronderos 1987 (nec Rehn 1950) is in need of a replacement name. In 1950, the genus Yungasacris was described for two new species of phaneropterine katydids, Yungasacris grata Rehn 1950 (type species) and Y. peruviana Rehn 1950. Both names remain valid. However, in a revision of the melanopline genus Pseudoscopas Hebard in 1987, a genus was described for Pseudoscopas hebardi Liebermann using the same name, Yungasacris Ronderos 1987. Here Yungasus is given as the new name for the preoccupied genus Yungasacris Ronderos 1987 (nec Rehn 1950).


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Fay L. Mayer "Replacement name for Yungasacris Ronderos 1987 (necRehn 1950)," Journal of Orthoptera Research 15(1), (1 June 2006).[115:RNFYRN]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 June 2006

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