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11 April 2022 The first described fossil Oedemeridae (Insecta: Coleoptera) from Baltic amber
Karol Szawaryn, Elżbieta Sontag, Daniel Kubisz
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Molecular dating estimates the appearance of the family Oedemeridae in the Early Cretaceous. Several fossil representatives are known from Spanish (105 Ma) and Myanmar (99 Ma) ambers. The family also has been mentioned by several authors to occur in Eocene Baltic amber, but virtually no species was described until now. Here, we provide a description of the first fossil oedemerid species from Eocene Baltic amber, which is classified within subfamily Oedemerinae, in the extant genus Oedemera Olivier as Oedemera (s. str.) girulskii n. sp. The presence of appendiculate pretarsal claws and relatively large eyes separate the new species from its extant congeners.

Copyright © The Author(s), 2021. Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of The Paleontological Society
Karol Szawaryn, Elżbieta Sontag, and Daniel Kubisz "The first described fossil Oedemeridae (Insecta: Coleoptera) from Baltic amber," Journal of Paleontology 96(2), 375-378, (11 April 2022).
Accepted: 28 September 2021; Published: 11 April 2022
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