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23 June 2022 Progresses and Perspectives of the Resource Evaluation Related to Agri-Cultural Heritage Tourism
Min Qingwen, Wang Bojie, Sun Yehong
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The scientific evaluation of tourism resources is not only an important prerequisite for the development of agri-cultural heritage tourism (AHT), but it can also promote the conservation and management of Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (IAHS). With the goal of providing scientific support for the sustainable management of tourism resources, this review systematically analyzes the overall situation, research regions, developmental timeline trends, key fields and hot topics of resource evaluation research related to AHT over 2005–2020. With a comprehensive perspective that incorporates both traditional literature review and quantitative literature review, the study revealed four important aspects of AHT research. (1) Relevant articles could be divided into two phases, a development-oriented period (2005–2012) and a conservation-oriented period (2013–2020). (2) GIAHS accounts for the absolute majority (about 66.7%) of relevant studies. In particular, Longji Terraces System, Hani terraces system and Dong's Rice-Fish-Duck System were the research hotspots IAHS, and Yunnan, Zhejiang and Guangxi were the research hotspot provinces. (3) Terraced landscapes and tea culture were the most popular themes in tourism resource evaluation, while sports tourism, tea culture tourism and study tours are becoming the new trends in IAHS sites. (4) Research methods have undergone a shift from qualitative to quantitative approaches, and a combination of these two in an interdisciplinary manner is becoming a new research trend. By reviewing and prospecting the relevant literature, this study not only makes a unique contribution to the tourism resource evaluation of IAHS, but also helps to enrich the relevant evaluation theories and further promote the sustainable development of heritage tourism from theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Min Qingwen, Wang Bojie, and Sun Yehong "Progresses and Perspectives of the Resource Evaluation Related to Agri-Cultural Heritage Tourism," Journal of Resources and Ecology 13(4), 708-719, (23 June 2022).
Received: 2 August 2021; Accepted: 26 October 2021; Published: 23 June 2022
Agri-cultural Heritage
China Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (China-NIAHS)
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)
Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (IAHS)
tourism resource evaluation
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