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23 January 2024 Resilience Assessment and the Diagnosis of Obstacles at Ancient Capital Tourism Sites
Wang Yingjie, Jiao Shanshan, Zhu Xiaoyue
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Based on the theory of resilience, this study utilized the panel data of the four major ancient capital tourist sites in Henan Province from 2009 to 2022 to construct a resilience evaluation index system that includes economic resilience, social resilience, cultural resilience, and ecological resilience. Then, with the help of the entropy-weighted TOPSIS method and an obstacle-degree model, the resilience levels of the ancient capital tourist sites in 2009–2022 were measured and the factors that act as obstacles were identified. The findings can be summarized in terms of Comprehensive Resilience, Subsystem Resilience and Factors Acting as Barriers. (1) Comprehensive resilience: This study reveals disparities in the development of overall resilience in ancient city tourist destinations. Zhengzhou emerges as the leader with the highest overall resilience score of 0.577, followed by Luoyang. In contrast, Kaifeng and Anyang exhibit relatively lower levels of resilience development. (2) Subsystem resilience: Zhengzhou consistently maintains a relatively high level of resilience with minor fluctuations, while Luoyang occupies a mid-range position and exhibits a stable developmental trajectory. Conversely, Kaifeng and Anyang have consistently operated at lower resilience levels, and are characterized by slower developmental progress. (3) Factors acting as barriers: Distinct subsystem indicators exert varying degrees of influence as barriers for resilience within the ancient city tourist destinations, referred to as the “barrier degree”. Economic resilience consistently maintains the highest barrier degree among the subsystems, while social resilience and cultural resilience demonstrate relatively similar barrier degrees. In contrast, ecological resilience exhibits the lowest barrier degree. The factors that obstruct the enhancement of resilience in ancient city tourist destinations exhibit remarkable consistency, with minimal annual fluctuations. Notably, the total tourist growth rate stands out as the primary impediment that constrains resilience development, and it consistently demonstrates a high barrier degree.

Wang Yingjie, Jiao Shanshan, and Zhu Xiaoyue "Resilience Assessment and the Diagnosis of Obstacles at Ancient Capital Tourism Sites," Journal of Resources and Ecology 15(1), 77-89, (23 January 2024).
Received: 9 May 2023; Accepted: 30 August 2023; Published: 23 January 2024
ancient capital tourist sites
barrier degrees
tourism integration
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